Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Well, it's all about Facebook and Twitter the past 2 years. I did try out Twitter, and the end result is really information overflow. It is not for horse people but people who have just so much time on their hands they don't know what to do with it. Horse people are so busy having fun (or not) with their horses or working hard FOR their horses, so I don't think they have time for twitter. However, I did use it for about 10 months to report what I found on the net or report a couple of horsey events that I participated, but in the end I have to give up.

However, I am keeping up with my facebook updates. It's easier to communicate and pass information along with all the additional functionalities built in. However, being a SW engineer, I have to say it is a piece of c*$& from usability (especially navigation) and stability point of view. Also just like any internet search engine, if they missed a few postings, you wouldn't know the difference. Just don't let this company develop any control software for the airplanes. Haha.

Well, if you are interested, "friend" me :, or be a fan of Wonderful Sport Horses' page: (see my badges on the right hand side of the blog.)

This was a quiet year in terms of breeding business. It has been since 2008. Though we still bred more than some other nice stallions as reported by their owners, it was too few to keep it as a business due to the high cost of keeping them in the area with very expensive dirt. Our government being so poor, it certainly made sure IRS would produce; well it shut me down even though I explained to them the potential is great, like 15 million Euro great ;-) but they want the money NOW!

Some stallion owners can keep mares on their own farms and make up the income by selling foals or riding horses when they grow up. Unfortunately I don't have that option... yet. Without the tax deduction, there is no way for me to sponsor all the breedings going forward. We still have Montserrat's frozen semen available for sale. For now, I will focus on having fun with my horses and getting back to ride. I will look for opportunities to find an ideal home for Rubino Bellissimo. However, the price AND situation must be right, and I am very picky. After looking at Asian Games' mediocre scores and astronomical price tags of those horses, Rubino should go back into the limelight. If not, I am building that greener pasture...