Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Paperwork automation

I am pretty sure everyone is tired of filling out the contract, filling out the mare health form and then fill out the insemination and pregnance check report with the same information repeated in all 3 forms. Well, I feel for you. I got tired of just getting the data out to the statllion certificates. Well, help is on the way.

Technologies are definitely fun to play (for a geek I guess.) We have the first release of the Mare Nomination form. Following Google tradition, it is the Beta version. So, it's *Beta* Mare Nomination, not the Alpha Mare. ;-) It is a straight forward implementation, but I am sure you will find it useful. Here is the link to it

Skip the search section if you're entering a new record. Once you have a record in our system, you can always find it using the "Search" function. The combination of your First Name, Last Name, Zip Code and the Mare's name make it a unique record. If you have two mares, enter one, save it; change the Mare information and save it again, both mares will be entered!

We have four documents that can be generated by this form: Service Agreement (aka breeding contract), Mare Health form, Insemination and Pregnancy check form, and the Stallion Certificate. They all require signatures by somebody, so the web form will generate a PDF file based on the selected document for you to print out a hard copy for signature. You can always come back and print another one if you misplaced your other copy.

Sounds complicated? Well, I'll make a little instruction movie. :-)

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Weltwunder +++/ did it again at Saguaro Classic

Weltwunder +++/ just got more blue ribbons from the Saguaro Classic at Westworld in Scottsdale. He showed dressage, show hack and sport horse in hand. There were 600 entries at the show. Wunder got 2 firsts and 1 2nd in Dressage, won Show Hack and qualified US Nationals and was Champion Sport Horse in hand gelding. Most horses don't accomplish half of what he has in a lifetime and he is only 6 years old. Congratulations to owner Alexis Katz and her husband Gene, who showed him in hand. Thanks for sharing the photo. He looks absolutely stunning.