Monday, June 25, 2007

Winwood and Heather Bender wins again

Gold Coast May Dressage May 26-27, 2007

Intermediate I, First 70.75% - 6% higher than the 2nd place

FEI Test of Choice 68% - 9% higher than the 2nd place

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ritz Poshe by Rubino Bellissimo

This is an elegant filly by Rubino Bellissimo out of Winala by Wolkenstein II. She is bred by Suzanne Hutton of Dream Hill Farm. Her full sister competed at Devon Breed show when she was 3 and was 4th in the mare class.
This is no doubt another great show as well as breedingn prospect. This filly is for sale.

Roosevelt by Rubino Bellissimo

Roosevelt (Teddy), colt out of Wiesentanz by Wolkentanz, at 3 monhts old. He is bred by Jackie Nixon-Fulton of Wild Oaks Ranch, and is already sold to a new owner who used to stand a Dutch stallion.

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This time we have foals by Montserrat...

Colt by Montserrat out of Luci by Landkoenig: Dark bay, star, strip, whites on all four feet. This colt was unfortunately rejected by his mom because he rolled out of the mare's paddock right after birth. Breeder Laura Bierley reported that this is the strongest foal she has ever seen. After being reunited, his mom wouldn't let him drink milk from her, so he walked up to the waterer and started drinking water. He immediately learned drinking milk from a bucket at UC Davis vet school where he received an infusion for his initial immunity. Breeder Laura also just gave birth to a new baby, so she couldn't take care of the colt. Fortunately, we found him a nurse mare and a nursery ranch that can help take care of him. Hopefully it has all worked out.

Filly by Montserrat out of EM WeltFoxPaw by Weltmeyer. Breeder Mary Pawlak reported that she is oh so correct and sweet as can be! Here is the picture of the filly at 24 hours of age and first time out of the stall.

Ruduc von Foxpaw bred by Mary Pawlak won every class at every show

Ruduc von FoxPaw by Rubino out of SPS Pricess is now owned and shown by Diane Pulles. Mary reported that Diane reported that they have won every class at at every show. Ruduc looks great and Diane is having a great time with him. Here is a picture of them at their very first show.

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I am again behind to send out congratulations...

Wunderland, aka Hatter, bred by Nanni Baker and his new owner Erika James are doing really great. Erika started showing Hatter since last year when he was 3 and half. They won training classes with over 70%. last year. In March, 2007, they won his first 4-year-old class in Houston with a 79.5, and also scored 74% at Training 4. They planned on showing him at Devon. I wish they can make the trip and have great success there. Again, congratulations to Wunderland's owner and breeder!