Friday, April 18, 2008

Who's granddaughter is this?

Rubino Bellissimo's son Rubaron von Foxpaw sired this lovely filly. The dam is by Diamont, whose daughter Dividend started my warmblood breeding labor of love. What a charming (and sleepy) face. Congratulations to this lovely filly's breeder and Rubaron's owner Pamela Hammer.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

That is expensive!

$5 a gallon gas is coming. This was actually taken by my son using my cell phone 2 weeks ago...

Why we are still just talking about buying cars that run more miles to the gallon? In this day and age, Telecommute! Have UPS and FedEx use electric trucks to deliver your new clothes, beef or even live chickens (a friend of mine bought chicks and ducklings from internet). Ride or drive your "pony" to your friendly neighborhood farmers for fresh vegetables and fruits.
Oh, wait. Ponies need hay. Let me stock up hay before everyone else start trading their car in for a pony. Let's see, I should buy more stock on the fertilizer companies since it's going to be in great demand to grow hay in addition to the corn. Hmm, the chemical fertizer can be a pollution source, so let's compost for our home made organic fertilizer from our "transportation". Isn't that wonderful? May the horse power be with you! We have a few outstanding models to sell you. ;-) Check them out!

Mufasa is here! See pictures at 3 days old.

Liz Jenner of Gateway Farm announced the arrival of Mufasa by Montserrat out of her Rotspon/Con Noir mare. He is such a darling colt, black with a dished face.

Rosso is backed!

Time flies... Rosso's owner Helen reported that Rosso is no longer a baby, and he was just recently backed and started by Anne Gribbons of Knoll Dressage, but is now home to grow up a bit more.

Here is Rosso's owner's report and some snapshots she took at Anne Gribbon's place: (Rosso looks as red as his sire with same nice topline. )

I have to say he seems to totally LOVE to be out there working and ridden – he likes that we take him out and do stuff w/ him. When Anne started him he wasn’t thrilled with the lungeline but really like having a rider on him so with him she said they switched it up and had the rider give more cues than the ground person. I would love to keep him w/ Anne forever but I need to budget this a bit so I will probably return him to her in later years. It was critical to me he got started the right way and that was evident when Lisa sat on him over the weekend after I got him back from Anne. He will be working with who I have Dulci w/ a German trainer w/ his Masters Ron Postleb and his daughter Lisa in upstate NY at Crown Dressage International. Lisa had backed over 50 horses in Germany and was so impressed w/ him and his maturity. Here are a few JPEG’s.