Friday, October 09, 2009

Champion colt by Wonderful

Wilson by Wonderful of Peggy Sue by Pointmaker became the site champion at Starr Vaughn Oldenburg foal inspection. Congratulations to breeder Jane Buyny.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Rubino's youngsters shine in dressage competition!

A couple of youngsters by our dressage genius Rubino Bellissimo are proving themselves and rivaling their sire's show records at this young age.

5-year-old Rubina is showing up to Second Level, and receiving 78% for her 1st level tests and her first outing at a USDF sanctioned Second Level test, she received 73.947% with her breeder and trainer Christiane Noelting. Rubina is for sale and you can see the video from her first show (ridden by Christane's rider) at: Christiane's website. She is now schooling up to 3rd level movements, including flying changes already.

Meanwhile, 4-year-old Ruduc von Foxpaw, "Duke" with his Vintage Cup eligible owner/rider Diane Pulles are cleaning up in the Midwest. He has been shown up to First level and receiving scores up to 72.333%. Here is a mention at his breeder Foxpaw Farm's website.

Here is a quick summary of Rubino Bellissimo's records:
  • At 4 years old: First level all above 70~78%. Material class 87~89.5%. (Never competed Training Level.)
  • At 5 years old: CDS Year-end Champion at First Level, Champion of USDF All-Breeds Award, 4th at Second Level, only 0.4% behind the champion in a very competitive group.
Duke beat his sire by showing and winningTraining Level and Material class as a 3-year-old! Congratulations to both breeders and owners!