Monday, December 31, 2007

Super Early Booking concluded. Check the auctions

Happy New Year! (Well, it's the new year at least in the Eastern Time Zone by now...)

Thanks to all who took advantage of our Super Early Bird Discount program, which has successfully concluded as the ball drops at midnight to welcome 2008!

Many other specials are still available. For returning mares, we always have very favorable terms as we love to see the successes being repeated.

In 2008, Wonderful Sport Horses are participating in several stallion service auctions where the starting bid will be just slightly higher than our Super Early Bird program. Please visit these organizations:

Happy bidding and good luck!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wind Rose by Wonderful

Thanks to Wind Rose's breeder, Elizabeth Lewis, for sharing the pictures of her beautiful and extravagant moving 2-year-old filly by Wonderful.

Pictures of Wunderland, USEF 4-year-old FEI Championship Qualifier/Participant

These are pictures taken from Scott Hassler Clinic. Enjoy.
Click [Continue] button below the Ordering information to view the proofs.

Wunderland is by Wonderful out of Diachee by Diamont, bred by Nanni Baker. He looks really cute in the pictures. Nanni rebred her mare and had a successful embroy transfer this year.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Oldenburg Young Horse Training Program was a great success!

Wonderful Sport Horses sponsored the Young Horse Training program hosted by German Oldenburg Verband and Redhawk Ranch in the beautiful Temecula area. It was very well run and extremely educational to young sport horse owners and breeders. Katrin Burger was patient, thorough and systematic with her teaching. Here are a few snapshots I took from the program.

I finally found my camcorder charger after coming back from the trip. Well, the YHT Program will have all training sessions available on DVD, so call Red Hawk Ranch, the gracious program host, to order a set.
Since I have my camcorder charger now, I can get my video of Katrin's ride on French Kiss in World Championship for Young Dressage Horse on line... I hope I can find my tapes now... Stay tuned!
Here is the sponsorship banner that Wonderful Sport Horses used at the program. It was great to see old breeders to our stallions and meet some news ones too!

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wonderful Sport Horses offspring awarded USDF Year End Honors

Weltinvader by Welt Klasse (see picture)

  • Reserve Champion AHS All-Breeds at Second Level Open with rider Stacy Parvy Larsson
  • 12th USDF Second Level Nationally
  • 3rd Region 3 Championships Second Level Open 68.8%, only 0.1% behind Reserve.
  • 3rd Third Level test 3 behind well known trainer Bent Jensen and Jules Anderson

Winwood by Wonderful

  • 5th Prix St. George Open USDF AHS All-Breeds Award
  • 4th Intermediaire-I Open USDF AHS All-Breeds Award

Rubino Bellissimo qualified for Grand Prix Championships AGAIN this year, but unfortunately he was sidelined due to an injury, so he didn't get the chance to repeat or beat his Gread Prix Res. Champion title from last year.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Breed Show winner Roosevelt by Rubino Bellissimo out of Wisentanz (Wolkentanz)

Roosevelt, aka Teddy, was great at Proud Meadow Fall Sporthorse Breed Shows I & II.

His great movements wowed the judges and spectators in spite of his uneven growth spurt at the moment. He achieved the following great honors:

Proud Meadow Fall Sporthorse Breed Shows I

  • Second, Colts of 2007, 76.2%
  • First, Hanoverian Individual Breed Class, 76.4%

Proud Meadow Fall Sporthorse Breed Shows II

  • First, Colts of 2007, 72.4%
  • Champion Colt
  • Great American/USDF Breeders Cup Qualifier

Great American/USDF Breeders Cup Final

  • Reserve Champion Colt 74.85%

Congratulations to owner Jacquie Hawks and Teddy's breeder Dr. Jackie Nixon-Fulton of Wild Oaks Ranch, that also earned great awards with their mare Rosantanz, by Rosathal and out of Teddy's dam, and another youngster from their breeding program, Prada.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Portrait of Regal Dona and Demitasse HF

Regal Dona (Rubino Bellissimo X Prince Thatch xx) and her foal Demitasse HF by Delaurentis. Both bred by Dr. Julie Ballard-Haralson.

Photo by Bella Vita Photography.

Elite Mare Regal Dona and her foal Demitasse HF

Demitasse HF top filly at her AHS Inspection and Reserver Grand Champion at the Southern Hospitality Dressage Sport Horse Breed Show II. Congratulations to breeder and owner Dr. Julie Ballard-Haralson!
Photo by Bella Vita Photography.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wunderland and Erika James ranked 11th for Markel/USEF National Young Horse Dressage Championship

Wunderland by Wonderful out of Diachee, bred by Nanni Baker, DDS., and ridden by his amateur owner/rider Erika James ranked the 11th for the 4-year-old division of the Markel/USEF National Young Horse Dressage Championships with a score of 7.9. Erika reported that Wunderland was unfortunately injured with a severe knee laceration, so she is not sure if they will go to the final yet. She did report later that Wunderland was completely sound and moving beautifully. She will make a decision with her trainer soon. Wish Wunderland a speedy and full recovery and Erika much success with him.

Nanni rebred Diachee and successfully did an embryo transplant this year. We look forward to another WONDERFUL foal from this cross.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

GOV Premium foal by Wonderful out of Glimmer by Grundstein

Just visited Rolling Stone Farm's website and found that the colt by Wonderful out of Rolling Stone Farm's Glimmer received Premium at GOV inspection last month. Wow, what a flashy boy! He was first named Whipped Cream, and it's obvious to see why with all the whites. Congratulations to Mo Swanson, and thanks for selecting Wondreful for your mare. Click here to read the story of his name and see more of his dazzling pictures at Rolling Stone website.

Regal Dona is officially an Elite mare and a Site Champion producer!

Regal Dona's owner Julie reported that Regal Dona's foal by De Laurentis (De Niro) was awarded Inspection Site Champion in a very competitive field today. Julie promised incredible pictures! I can't wait!!

Meet the Top Colt at the Huston AHS Inspection

Rhinestone Cowboy by Rubino Bellissimo out of Freshaire by Wuemmenstern, bred by Sharon Pike of Rocking Horse Farm

Thanks to Sharon for sending me the pictures.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Two Inspection Champions in one weekend!!

August 26:
Roosevelt (aka Teddy) by Rubino Bellissimo out of Wiesentanz (Wolkentanz I) - Champion out of 13 foals at Stargate Inspection. Bred by Jackie Nixon-Fulton, MD. of Wild Oaks Ranch, and owned by Jacquie Hawkes.

August 27:
Colt by Rubino Bellissimo out of Freshaire by Wuemmenstern was named the top colt out of 10 colts. Bred by Sharon Pike of Rocking Horse Ranch.

Congratulations to all the breeders/owners!

More updates coming...

Elite Mare candidate Regal Dona by Rubino Bellissimo

Thanks to Dr. Julie Ballard-Haralson for sharing these pictures of Regal Donna by Rubino Bellissimo X Prince Thatch mare. Julie is not only the owner but also the breeder of Regal Donna. Donna received 7.33 at her Mare Performance Test ridden by Julie. Donna produced a filly in 2007 by De Laurentis (De Niro) to fulfill her Elite title requirement.

The pictures show her free jumping and being ridden by her owner at the MPT at only 3-years-old.

Photo credit: Alicia Frese.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Wonderful granddauther Top 5 at the national 4-y-o class at World Breeding Championship

Congratulations to Stefan! Rosemary by Romanciero H out of a Wonderful mare, ridden by Stefan Blanken, scored 7.90 and ranked the 5th out of 68 starters in the 4-year-old national class at the 2007 World Breeding Championships for young dressage horses. I wonder if this is the Wonderful mare that came from Stefan's family mare line.

Yap, just checked on Stefan's website: This mare is bred by Stefan, and owned by Sharon Garner of the United States. What a beautiful horse.

R ST '03 v. Romanciero - Wonderful
Züchter: Stefan Blanken
Besitzerin: Sharon Garner, Texas USA
  • Siegerstute Tarmstadt '06
  • 3. Platz Landeschampionat Hannover
  • Siegerin in ReitpferdeprüfungenStutenleistungsprüfung Dressurindex 8,37

Check out the exciting news on Rosemary and other horses he trained at Stefan's website:

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Wonderful is the grandpa of 2 foals and great grandpa of one filly at Verden Elite Foal Auction

I hope my bank account balance is not so close to $0, so I can get at least one of them, unfortunately it is. :-( Let me check what the jackpot for the lotto is now.
(Edited to add: This beautiful filly was sold for ~$22,000 US, not including auction commission, tax or shipping!)

Rosetta and Rubi Tuesday

Rosetta (was Rossellini, but her owner doesnt' feel it was good fit) and Rubi Tuesday are ~3 weeks old now. They are playing together a lot.

Rosetta's dam is Archipel X Diamont X Wenzel I
Rubi Tuesday's dam is a States Premium mare by Lauries Cruisador. The two fillies look like twins.

Friday, July 27, 2007

A lot of pictures

Rubi Tuesday and Rossellini's breeder commissioned Terri Miller to take a lot of pictures of her foals. Take a peek! The foals by Rubino Bellissimo are the two red head fillies. Rossellini is the one with a big star and a think blaze, and and she was just shy of one week old. Rubi Tuesday has a star, and she was 3 days old in the pictures. This ranch also breeds Clydesdales and some ponies, too.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Two new red heads born

Both have red eyelashes!

Rossellini by Rubino Bellissimo out of Aktiva (Archipel), 4 socks, star and strip - Born July 6th.
Rubi Tuesday by Rubino Bellissimo out of SPS Laura Bella (Lauries Crusador) 3 socks and star - Born 7/10 Tuesday. You can see Rubi Tuesday and Mom are still in the stall today. See them in the LiveCam: Double click on LiveCam --> Scroll down to Williams Ranch and double click on the mare's picture. Enjoy.

Pictures coming ...

Monday, June 25, 2007

Winwood and Heather Bender wins again

Gold Coast May Dressage May 26-27, 2007

Intermediate I, First 70.75% - 6% higher than the 2nd place

FEI Test of Choice 68% - 9% higher than the 2nd place

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ritz Poshe by Rubino Bellissimo

This is an elegant filly by Rubino Bellissimo out of Winala by Wolkenstein II. She is bred by Suzanne Hutton of Dream Hill Farm. Her full sister competed at Devon Breed show when she was 3 and was 4th in the mare class.
This is no doubt another great show as well as breedingn prospect. This filly is for sale.

Roosevelt by Rubino Bellissimo

Roosevelt (Teddy), colt out of Wiesentanz by Wolkentanz, at 3 monhts old. He is bred by Jackie Nixon-Fulton of Wild Oaks Ranch, and is already sold to a new owner who used to stand a Dutch stallion.

More new foals are here...

This time we have foals by Montserrat...

Colt by Montserrat out of Luci by Landkoenig: Dark bay, star, strip, whites on all four feet. This colt was unfortunately rejected by his mom because he rolled out of the mare's paddock right after birth. Breeder Laura Bierley reported that this is the strongest foal she has ever seen. After being reunited, his mom wouldn't let him drink milk from her, so he walked up to the waterer and started drinking water. He immediately learned drinking milk from a bucket at UC Davis vet school where he received an infusion for his initial immunity. Breeder Laura also just gave birth to a new baby, so she couldn't take care of the colt. Fortunately, we found him a nurse mare and a nursery ranch that can help take care of him. Hopefully it has all worked out.

Filly by Montserrat out of EM WeltFoxPaw by Weltmeyer. Breeder Mary Pawlak reported that she is oh so correct and sweet as can be! Here is the picture of the filly at 24 hours of age and first time out of the stall.

Ruduc von Foxpaw bred by Mary Pawlak won every class at every show

Ruduc von FoxPaw by Rubino out of SPS Pricess is now owned and shown by Diane Pulles. Mary reported that Diane reported that they have won every class at at every show. Ruduc looks great and Diane is having a great time with him. Here is a picture of them at their very first show.

More competition news....

I am again behind to send out congratulations...

Wunderland, aka Hatter, bred by Nanni Baker and his new owner Erika James are doing really great. Erika started showing Hatter since last year when he was 3 and half. They won training classes with over 70%. last year. In March, 2007, they won his first 4-year-old class in Houston with a 79.5, and also scored 74% at Training 4. They planned on showing him at Devon. I wish they can make the trip and have great success there. Again, congratulations to Wunderland's owner and breeder!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Belated congratulations to Bee Faith

Bee is the breeder of Wonder World Pita. Pita made me a liar. :-) Wonderful usually produces offspring that are of medium frame, but Pita just turned 5 and he is 17.3 hands and wears a 87 blanket! Here are some photos of Pita where he won at a dressage show last year when he was 4. The rider in the picture is over 6 ft. tall, so Pita doesn't seem to be as big. :-) According to Bee, Pita is in training with Jennifer Schrader now.

Congratulations to Sharon Reynolds

4-year-old colt by Wonderful and Sharon's Elite mare Faralyssa just won high point Training and First Level dressage with scores from 65 to 74% and also won FEI 4-year-old class with a score of 79!

It's HOT here...

Greetings from Formosa, the beautiful island of Taiwan. It's not even summer, and it's already hot and humid here. The weather of Hong Kong, the equestrian competition venue for the 2008 Olympic Games is similar, and the games will be held right in the middle of the summer. It will be uncomfortable for the spectators, riders and horses. The stable area will be air-conditioned, so that is nice, but the competition ring will still be out in the open. Hopefully, the athletes are strong and tough enough to adjust quickly.

We actually just came back from a tour to Japan, where we visited Disneyland Tokyo, Hello Kitty Puroland, and the hot spring areas around Mt. Fuji. The weather was much more like California in Japan right now, and very comfortable. However, I didn't see even one horse there... sigh!

Well, I'm still contemplating whether I should venture out in the hot steaming weather to visit some equestrian centers in Taipei, where actually a lot of European warmbloods reside.

Weltwunder ***/ - Legion of Supreme Honor/Supreme Merit

Weltwunder's owner Alexis Katz emailed me the complete records AHA mailed to her this week. She also pointed out that I had messed up Weltwunder's title in my last post. The following impressive list of achievements earned by Weltwunder is cut and pasted from Alexis' email. Thanks to Alexis for developing this young dressage genius.

Achievement Awards Earned:

Legion of Honor +
Legion of Supreme Honor +/
Legion of Merit ++
Legion of Supreme Honor/Merit ++/
Legion of Supreme Merit +++
Legion of Supreme Honor/Supreme Merit +++/

Points were earned in:

Recognized Classes USDF USEF

Sport Horse Geldings in Hand Open
Sport Horse Geldings in Hand Open Championship
Sport Horse Geldings in Hand AT
Sport Horse Geldings in Hand AT Championship
Sport Horse Under saddle open
Sport Horse Under saddle open Championship
Dressage Training level open
Dressage Training level ATDressage First level

Regional Titles:

2007 Region 7 Dressage First Level Champion
2007 Region 7 Dressage Second Level Champion
2007 Region 7 Sport Horse in Hand Geldings AT Champion
2007 Region 7 Sport Horse in Hand Geldings open Champion
2006 Region 7 Dressage First Level Championship Champion
2006 Region 7 Dressage Training Level AO Championship TOP FIVE
2006 Region 7 Dressage Training Level open Champion
2006 Region 7 Sport Horse in Hand Championship TOP FIVE
2006 Region 7 Sport Horse Under Saddle Reserve Champion
2006 Region 7 Sport Horse in Hand AT Championship TOP FIVE
2005 Region 7 Dressage Training Level Championship TOP FIVE

Nation Titles:

2006 U.S. Sport Horse National Championships Sport Horse in Hand Geldings AT TOP TEN
2006 U.S. Sport Horse National Championships Sport Horse in Hand Geldings open TOP TEN
2006 U.S. Sport Horse National Championships Sport Horse Under Saddle Junior Horse TOP TEN
He also won two Highpoint Dressage Championships one at age 3 1/2 yrs. old under Judge Hilda Gurney also in Hand Champion judge Hilda Gurney. The second Dressage Highpoint and highest score of the show award with amateur owner rider when he was 4 yrs.old. He has been scoring in the 70's at training and first level and has only shown once at second level and won Region Champion. He will show again in Second level in the fall.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Weltwunder +++/ Legion of SUPREME Merit before age 6

Congratulations to Alexis Katz, Owner of:

Weltwunder +++/ Wonderfull X Bunny Bey

A winner of multiple championships since he was a baby. In 2007, he reached Legion of Supreme Merit before age 6 at the Regional Championships in Scottsdale, Arizona.

He achieed champions of

First Level Open
Second Leve Open (very first time showing Secon level)
Sport Horse in hand amateur
Sport Horse in han open with his amateur owner (husban of his owner/breeder)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

New foal Rubino Bellissimo X Hideaway's dream Girl

Check out the cutest mare and her filly by Rubino Bellissimo. Dream Girl is a Connemara sport pony with the cutest face!

Take a look at their photo album.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Dressage Master Hebertus Schmidt

Stallion collection calendar added

Check it out at he bottom of the post.

Breeding Season

After a big long lag, I decided I've will start using the blog instead of updating my website news. You will see my news page with posts up to March, and then switch over to the blogger.

However, on my website, I just updated my website: with a calendar on the stallion availability and any planned events. We have all 3 stallions standing with Dr. Mary Scott this year.

Visit our website often to check on the calendar! I'll embed it in my blogger too. As soon as I figure out how to do it.