Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rubino is back!

Well, we got a few sponsors to help me get Rubino back in training. My trainer Nicole Perry got on him within a day after his arrival at the training center. Rubi apparently missed his girl friends and the familiar people and surrounding where he has known in the past two years, so I was told that he was upset and screaming when I was not with him. I guess he recognizes me as his boss mare mommy to keep him in line and feel secure. :-)

Nicole is such a brave rider. It's been 2+ years since she last rode Rubi, she just got on him (cautiously of course) and rode. She was worried because Rubi's back was tight from all the screaming, but after a short period of walking, she described that Rubi all at sudden remembered who she was and the place, and understood what he was supposed to do. He took contact of the reins and relaxed his back. From that point on, he behaved like a champion instead of a screaming idiot (her words, haha.) She described it an amazing feeling for that sudden and complete transformation and a moment that she would remember forever.

We'll take everything very slowly. It's all up to God's plan.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Welt To Do is one year old!

Thanks to Welt To Do's breeder Linda of San Diego Sporthorses for sending us new pictures of her lovely yearling. He is already 15.1 hands all. Wonderful's babies are usually slow to grow, so Linda's mare EM Bravo (by Batido) really helped a lot.