Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rubino Bellissismo X SPS Wynona (Weltmeyer X SPS Maya (Marco Polo))

Thanks to Susan sending me the pictures so quickly. Here is her new filly, not quite one day old yet.

Hi Violet,

We still can't get over this filly. She's the epitome of modern type as opposed to her dam that's the old type. When you look at them together, it's pretty mind boggling. Rubino sure did the job we'd hoped he would.

It turns out she has more than a star, it's a blaze. She also has two white hind feet and white above those.

P.S. Please forward these to Mary Scott DVM

New Rubino Bellissimo filly - Congratulations to the Crossens...

Got the exciting news via email at 6 PM PST last night! Can't wait to see the pictures.

Hi Violet,

We just delivered a gorgeous, large and perfect filly by Rubino and Wynona. She's just wonderful. Her legs are almost as long as her dams. Beautiful head. Nice slim neck.

Tom thinks she's the cats meow. She's so tall she had trouble finding the teats. We had to help. Now we're watching to make sure she gets them on her own.

I'll send pictures as soon as we get her outside. I'll think you'll be very impressed.



Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Welt To Do by Wonderful

San Diego Sporthorses just posted the video clips of their outstanding colts:

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Love to receive updates on the "babies"

This baby is growing up. Owner Erin reported her baby is now under saddle for 4 weeks and already on his way to impress many at shows. Here is the direct quote from her email:

"Well, you were right they are easy to train...

Our coming 4 year old colt "R. Cessna" by Rubino has been in training for 6 weeks and backed for 4 went to a horse show last weekend...

A training show but his very first outing. Tracie Bjugan, his trainer, has been so impressed by how easy he is and how everything has come together so quickly-no doubt this colt is bred for dressage. She took him to Devonwood Equestrian Center here in Portland. Cessna recieved a 65% and a 61.8% in training lvl 1 & 2...Scoreing 8's on gaits~

Pretty impressive to all attending the show!

I really had thought I'd not breed anymore mares but his mother is open and maybe we should try it again for 2010...(can you get this lucky twice?) I'll call tomorrow...

Of course I took no pictures but will... I do think he's 17HH now and still has the 4 white socks. He's really a super great gelding...thanks again and I'll try to call tomorrow about that re-breed...thanks again!"

Congratulations, Erin. Thanks for the great news, and let's do it again!


Check out this incredibly beautiful colt by Wonderful out of Peggy Sue (Pointmaker). I used to own a mare with same Wonderful X Pointmaker breeding. She is really beautiful and incredibly elastic. I sold her to an amateur lady, who loves her to death. It looks like this colt is going to be even better! Here is his album.